Graphic design + animation


Furylite Camo Cloud Pack

A collaboration with the urbex exploration group HKURBEX and Reebok Hong Kong, we designed 3x postcards and corresponding animated GIF banners for the 2016 Furylite Camo Cloud line of shoes.

All photographic images were supplied courtesy of HKURBEX.


A6 postcards

Animated banners

Hong Kong Urban Explorartion

HKURBEX are an anonymous, grassroots collective that seek to unearth and document hidden sites in and around Hong Kong. Beyond the shimmering skyscrapers and glitzy malls, the intrepid explorers reveal another side of Hong Kong and the Asian cities they visit, immortalizing and bringing undisclosed non-spaces to light. They are a motley crew of photographers, film makers, journalists, writers, and adrenaline junkies.

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